Why you should not depend on others? How you can overcome dependency?

Why you should not depend on others? How you can overcome dependency?

I am the ruler of my own life, problems and conditions of my life will not govern me, I will govern my own life.  This must be the attitude of each and every person of the world. Learn to be self dependant. But most of we are dependant on others. Dependency is good but up to a certain extent. But over dependency is never good for you. 

Dependency on others has several demerits as it inhibits your own personal growth and independency. 
The peron  struggle to  start any work or do things on their own. 
 Other reason why you should not be dependant on others:

1. Can cheat any time..

The person who is dependant on others to complete their work or to take decision should be very cautious. It may happen that when you have  the most urgent need of that person, that person can ignore you to help at that moment. It is also true that the person will not be everywhere to help you or to assist you. So take the charge of your  own life.

2. People seeks credit when you get success.

Some people are very selfish in this world. They help and assist others so that they can take benefit from you later. Such type of person will always pester you that wahtever you are, is only because of him. So maintain your personal dignity and don’t depend on such person. 

3. Loss of  personal independence.

Dependency on others also affects your personal freedom and independence. You become so dependant on others that:

So don’t sacrifice your independence by avoiding dependency on others.

Ways to Overcome your dependency:

Take charge of your own life

You should always remember that the first step is always difficult to take when you start any work or habit. So to avoid dependency on others, you have to make a start first. Try to complete your work by your own. Try to solve your own problems. Take the responsibility of your own life and be responsible for each work you do. 

Enjoy your independence

To avoid dependency on others, it is better that you start to enjoy your freedom. Dare alone to walk to complete your dreams. Build your tomorrow on your own. When you will reach your destination it will give you more happiness and you will get a satisfaction from yourself. It will also build your confidence that you have the courage and potential to complete any work, without being dependant on others.

At last the only message for you all that always try to be independent in your life. Don’t be so dependant on others that you lose your own existence.

 Wishing you all an independent and bright life. Hope you love this article.

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