Top 7 Engineering examination that a Engineering aspirants must give.

Top 7 Engineering examination that a Engineering aspirants must give.


Hey dude, if you are here then I am pretty sure that you are preparing for Engineering exams or someone in your family is preparing for Engineering. So if you are an Engineering aspirant and your goal is to become a Engineer then you are in a right place. So keep reading till the end to get your query resolved.

Most students only know JEE as the only Engineering exam in India. And it is because mostly in coaching and schools you get to hear about NITs and IITs as the top options for Engineering. But it’s not so, there are other colleges as well which also offers a good value and placement. So here are the list of other exams that you should give if you are an Engineering aspirant.

Here in this article, you find the top 7 Engineering exams of India and also much and sufficient knowledge about each examination. So without wasting too much of your time, let’s get straight into the topics.

List of top 7 Engineering exams.

1. JEE

This is the most famous Engineering exam in India. I know you are knowing about this exam. But even you don’t know let me give its brief information to your.
It is conducted twice in a year. It is conducted in two stages. The first stage is JEE Mains and the second exam is JEE Advance. If you score good percentile marks in Jee Mains then you can take admission in top NITs and IIITs. To take admission in IITs which is considered as top and prestigious institutes in our country for Engineering, you must have to give Jee Advance. If you qualify the Jee Advance then you can take admission in various IITs, based on your rank.
So these are all the basic details of this examination.


WBJEE stands for West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam. Yes the full form is quite long but the examination is also very much important. Through this exam you can apply in various prestigious Engineering colleges of West Bengal.
It’s application form is generally filled in the month of November. But you should regularly check the dates in the official site of WBJEE.  The most prestigious and worthy college that you can get under this exam is Jadavpur University. It’s return of investment is much better than other top IITs, NITs and IIITs. If you don’t know what return of investment is? It simply  means the amount of fees you pay in college for your four year course and the placement you get as a return. The four years fee is just around 11 thousands which is very less as compared to other colleges. This fee can vary depending upon the branch you take. It’s average placement is also very good. For Computer Science branch the average placement is around 20 lakh which is considered as good.


Without knowing it’s full form I have given the details as full forms are not so much important than knowing about it. So, basically from this particular examination you can get admission in best Engineering colleges of Karnataka.
Generally application for this examination is filled in the months of January. But I suggest you to check their official website to get the exact dates. Some of the top Engineering colleges under this exams are RV college of engineering, Ramiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore Institute of technology  and many others. So don’t miss this exams too if you want to make carrier in Engineering.


Through this exam, you can get admission in BITS Pilani, BITS Hyderabad, and BITS Goa. These three colleges are very good colleges of Engineering which you must consider. BITS Pilani is even compared from the top 5 IITs of India. Placement of the colleges is also very good. The only drawback of these colleges are it’s high fees. Since these are private colleges so their four year course fee is around 15 to 16 lakh. This means 3 to 4 lakh per year.
But if you can afford this then you must consider this option too. Generally the application form is  available from the 3rd and 4th week of May. 


Through this exam you can get admission in Vellore institutes of Technology which is also  a renowned institute of technology. Application forms are generally available from the Month of November.

6. MET

Through this exam you can get admission in all the colleges of Manipal University depending upon your rank. Generally application forms are available from the month of October. The difficulty level of these examination are lower than JEE Mains.


Full form of SRM JEE is Shri Ramaswamy Memorial Joint Entrance Examination. You can enroll yourself in all the campuses of SRM university depending upon your rank through this examination. Application forms are generally available from the months of November.
So these are that Engineer Exams that you must consider. If I talk about the syllabus then the syllabus of each exams are almost same. If you are preparing for JEE Mains then you don’t need to worry about the syllabus of these exams. These exams are bit easier than JEE so you can consider them as your backup option or if you think that your JEE preparation is not so good then you must choose these exams along with JEE. But if you are slightly economically weaker then you should fight hard to get admission in government college. MET, VITEEE, BITSAT, SRMJEE, offers you admission in private colleges whose fees are much higher.
If you have any doubts or if you think that I have missed something that must be included in this particular article then the comments section is open for you all. I will try to resolve all you queries. Also you can connect with me through various social media platforms. All links are given below.

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