The wildest craze of earning money πŸ’° from different apps .

The wildest craze of earning money πŸ’° from different apps .

In today’s world everyone needs πŸ’° Money. People has high aspirations and demands, so all people want to earn more and more money. And if you get money πŸ€‘ online by doing some small work then it seems more lucrative. So people has started a new trend of earnings money through various mobile apps. Various apps available online that offers money as people refer the app or by playing games or in the form of cashback. Teenagers are top in the race of earning money from these platform. Why? Because they have high fancy needs. And to cater this need they need easy money, and the easiest way that they feel is to earn through mobile. Since they get mobile in their teens so this fascinate them more. But this is not the right was of earning money online as it has various disadvantages.

So here I will tell you all those disadvantages, so read till the end to know:

1. Loss of personal data.

Most of the apps take lots of your personal data in the name of giving you money. Most of you say that what they will do of you personal data. I have nothing special data that can harm you. It’s true but they can harm indirectly. Let me tell you how?
Most apps take various sensitive permissions of your phone that they even don’t need. Such as permission of your storage, location or camera. They can see your sensitive information of your device such as your photos and documents. They could also share it with your partner apps so as to target you with various advertisement.
They also share your contact and email details with others that you enter while signing in. Thus you useless has to bear a lot of notifications that could irritate you too.
So in this way by selling your personal data they himself make a huge amount of profit and offers you just few coins that you feel good when you earn them.

2. They cheat you.

Most apps claims you to double your money by simply making small guess. Apps of fantasy cricket do the same. They say you to make your own team and if your chosen team wins then they get money. Then they company display the name of the winner πŸ† in advertisement and they claim that by their platform people can earn cores. But the inside story is lots of people spend their money to play the game in the hope to double or triple their money. But winner is selected only one. So the person who wins is highlighted and the people who loose their money only sob.
So leave playing such game that award you in such way. Because they all the game of luck. But you must not earn money on your luck. If you want earn money  then you should earn by your hardwork and skills.
Other demerits of this is wastage of your precious time, negative impact on your health such as loss of your eyesight.
So if you want to earn money online then there are very trusted ways. There you can select any platform in which you are really interested. Some of the platform that I want to suggest you are:
1. Blogging 
2. Social media platforms such as instagram, twitter etc.
3. Affiliate marketing.
3. Freelancer.
If you want to know about how to earn money by using these platform then you can comment me below. I will elaborate each of them in detail.

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