The ultimate guide to kick-start your career in digital marketing

The ultimate guide to kick-start your career in digital marketing

Are you someone who is struggling a lot in this pandemic due to an offline job? Do you want to learn the fundamentals of any business that is marketing to boost your business? Are you a beginner who is willing to make a name in the digital world and want to earn a handsome amount of money? Do you want to learn digital marketing from scratch?

If you have any of the above questions in your mind, then folk you are in the right place, to get the answer to your question.

In this article you will learn about the basic fundamentals required to get started with digital marketing. Having the knowledge given in this article will provide you the edge over others. 

First of all, if you have made a decision to learn about digital marketing and you are going to invest your money, energy and time in this, then you must be aware that your knowledge of marketing will never go in vain.

  1. You might be knowing that most of the jobs today are replaced by AI. But marketing requires human psychology to be involved. So it cannot be replaced by AI.
  2. Ever since business has existed marketing has been its integral part. A business cannot perform well without its proper marketing. And Businesses are going to exist as long as human civilization exists. So your marketing skill will never go out of fashion.
  3. Marketing cannot be outsourced completely. If you have no knowledge of marketing then you cannot create a good business. As marketing starts with understanding the needs of the customer before launching the actual product. If you aren’t able to identify your customers’ needs who are going to consume your product then you won’t be able to sell your product. 
  4. If you know how to sell then you have a safe carrier ahead. You will not need to worry too much about your finances.

Since the world is undergoing a transformation toward a digital world, everything needs to be brought digital. This is the reason that marketing has also gone digital. Thus digital marketing is the future of marketing.

So now I hope that you are convinced that you are going to invest your time and energy in learning the right thing. 

So let’s unveil the world of digital marketing for you.

First of all, you should know what marketing really is. Marketing is promoting any product or service, taking customers feedback, engaging them with your business and resolving the queries of the customers to keep them happy and satisfied.

Most people think that a good marketer needs to be creative to make engaging ads, banners and taglines of the product to sell them. But this is not true. In reality marketing is based on science, facts and processes. It starts with understanding the needs of your targeted audience and developing the right product for them at an affordable price. 

Most people think that marketing is just about selling the product. But this is not true. It not only include selling of product but it includes

  • Building trust with the existing customer and keeping them happy with your product and services.
  • Building a good image of your product in their mind.
  • creating a great product. If you have a great product then it sells itself. People praise your product and they themselves become your brand ambassador.

What is the need of building a strong brand?

If you want to start any business then be the number 1 and the only one company of that segment. As people mostly remember those who are no. 1 in their category. Build a perception of your product in the mind of the people this will automatically make you the leader of any category.

People always ask for maggi, they don’t ask for noodles. If you want people to make a web search then you say to him “google it” you don’t say search it on the internet. People don’t say toothpaste, they say Colgate. So you see that the category is itself replaced by the name of the product. When your product becomes a name among the customers then you become no. 1 and the competition ends there.

Here you might be thinking that all the major categories are already occupied, then how you can make your business no.1. If you can’t become no. 1 in a category then you can become no. 1 in its subcategory. See everyone knows that Google is the best search engine. So if you are trying to make a search engine then you can’t compete with google, Right. So you can create search engines in different smaller domains that will serve some specific audience. For example Zomato is the search engine for restaurants, practo is the search engine for medicine, oyo is the search engine for restaurants. Similarly you can apply your brain to find out the other subcategory in your business that you wish to start where you can establish yourself as no. 1.

Knowledge that will give an edge over your competitors.

  1. Good and effective communication skills 

You see marketing is all about how effectively you transfer your product details to your customers. If you are able to make people understand the right need of your product then only you can sell your product.

You must be able to express your thoughts and messages clearly to the people in the form of images, videos, and speeches.

If you want to have effective communication then the first thing is to understand your audience. Don’t just speak but also take their feedback. Improve yourself from the feedback of the people. Develop the habit of writing, the more you write the better you become in expressing your thoughts with clarity. 

If you want to improve your English communication skill then watch standup comedy and sitcoms with subtitles. This will bring a sense of connection and feel in your English speaking.

  • Global economics

Having knowledge of global economics helps you to find your potential customers as well as important to manage your business.

You should know that the country’s economy goes up if the average age of the country’s population goes up. This happens because as the person grows up his/her expenses go up and the spending power of the person increases and thus the economy of the country grows.

By knowing the economy of the country you can find your targeted customers by evaluating their financial habits and needs.

Some terminologies of marketing

  • Direct Response Marketing

This is a type of marketing which focuses on instant response from the customer by providing them a specific option to take action. The examples of Direct response marketing are:

  • Ad in the newspaper with a phone number to call.
  • Digital ad which redirect users to a landing page containing lead form.

You can see that both of the ads are made to get instant response from a user by providing them a specific call to action.

  • Integrated Digital Marketing

Most people think that Digital Marketing is just only about displaying ads to sell the product. But this is not true. By following this way you get limited output only. But if you carry out digital marketing in an integrated way then you can bring maximum output.

While doing digital marketing you should integrate paid advertisement, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, Social Media to get sales.

Now you have a basic idea of digital marketing. But the question is how you can get started with digital marketing and how you can succeed in this. Then follow the given rules:

Getting started with digital marketing

  • Find Right niche

It is said that riches are in niches. You don’t need to learn a lot of things to get success. Pick up one niche and go dipper in it.

There is a simple rule to find the right niche. A right right niche is a combination of your talent, Passion and market. Your niche should include these things to be successful in the long run. The image given below helps you to know about the right niche in a better way.

If you want a detailed guide on finding the right niche, comment below and I will write the next article on this topic.

  • The Ultimate CATT marketing funnel

There is a simple formula to create wealth in digital marketing and that is:

Wealth=n^CATT where,

                      [n]: Right Niche

                      [C]: Content

                      [A]: Attention

                      [T]: Trust

                      [T]: Transaction


Content: After selecting the right niche you need to create valuable content related to this in the form of blog, videos, lead magnet, or live webinars. 

Attention: Now you have the content to display but now you need an audience for your work. You can get this using SEO, Social media, Paid ads and referrals.

Trust: Once you have an audience related to your niche you need to build trust among them using tripwires(giving free products or services along with the main product or to offer products at low cost), marketing automation tools, and retargeting strategies.

Transaction: This is the final stage where you get sales and generate revenue.

When you combine niche with the CATT funnel then you get the exponential result.The complete guide to kick-start your career in digital marketing

  • Mass trust model

To succeed in digital marketing and to build your own personal brand remember this cyclic process.

Learn: Learn more and more about your niche, gather facts, information and procedures which are important.

Work: After learning, bring it in practice. Start working on your niche and learn the proper implementation of the procedure. Always remember that execution is the king. So this is a crucial step.

Blog: You should create a blog for your own personal branding. So that people could see your work. Also writing your knowledge and experience makes you better.

Consult: Now since you have knowledge and experience you can help other businesses to grow by consulting and guiding with proper plans and action.

Mentor: It is said that knowledge increases by sharing. Teaching others helps you to scale your understanding to a new level. 

Startup: After going through all the above phases you are now capable enough to launch your own product or service.

Even if the world is transforming to a digital era. It has not transformed completely. Traditional marketing still has its place. So as a digital marketer you must know the difference between traditional and digital marketing.

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Traditional marketing vs Digital Marketing

The primary traditional marketing channels are TV, Radio and Newspaper ads. TV has a reach of more than 800 million people in India. Almost 65% people of India listen to radio and Newspapers readers in India is about 465 million. So you can see that these traditional channels have the widest reach to the customers.

In comparison to this Digital Marketing has a reach to 100 million English speaking people of India. It is true that in terms of users, digital marketing is nowhere in comparison to traditional marketing. But in terms of effectiveness and accuracy digital marketing is far better than traditional marketing. In digital marketing you can have a specific group of people interested in the product or service. Thus it reduces the cost of advertisement and drives maximum output.

However if your product is more generic such as soaps, detergent powder etc. Then traditional marketing is the best way to reach your audience.

This is all about the basic knowledge of digital marketing and ways and strategy to kickstart your journey in the field of digital marketing. If you think that it’s worth reading this article and if you learnt about the basics and core of digital marketing then drop your valuable comments below. This will encourage the other reader to know the value of this article. 

If someone in your family or friend circle is willing to start their journey in the world of digital marketing then do share this valuable content with them and help them in getting a right start. 

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