The story of Karma puja

The story of Karma puja

Karma and Dharma were both brother. But Dharma was rich while Karma was very Poor. Karma used to work very hard to earn his livelihood. As Dharma was a rich man, he had lots of wealth and land. 

Bhadra month began in the village. So everyone in the village were searching for labourer to sow the paddy seed. Dharma was also searching for laborer. One day, he went to each house in the village to search for the labourer. But he forgets to call his own brother to work. Karma was a very simple man. He thought that his brother might have forgotten to call him, to work on his farm. But since, he is my brother, so I will go to his farm tomorrow to assist him.

Next morning, all the labourer came to the paddy farm. Karma also came along with his wife. All started to work on the farm. Now the morning food came for all the labourer. All labourer got the food to eat, but Karma and his wife were not given anything to eat. At this Karma thought ” It may happen that the food may have shorted, so we didn’t get the food.” And he said to his wife that, this time the food may have shorted, so we didn’t get. But we will surely get the food in the afternoon. All workers moved to work again. Now it was afternoon. Again food came for all the labourer. But again Karma and his wife didn’t get the food. Again Karma said same to his wife that this time too, the food might have got shorted. So we didn’t get. But we will surely get the food in the evening. With this hope, they again moved to their work.

Now it was evening. All the workers got their food. But Karma and his wife didn’t get this time too. With disappointment they went to their home. At home Karma’s wife said to Karma” We worked the whole day in the farm, but we didn’t even get the food to eat.” At this Karma said ” Then what should we do now.” Her wife replied that we must undo all the work that we have done. We should uproot all the paddy that we have sown. So Karma and his wife went to the farm to uproot all the paddy plants. When they were about to uproot the paddy plant, they heard a voice of an old woman. The old woman came to him and asked ” What are you going to do?” Karma replied that” We worked the whole day in my brother’s paddy farm but we didn’t get the food to eat even a single time.” Karma was very much frustrated and said to the old woman that ” Why this often happens to me? Why I have to face a lot of problem in my life? I and Dharma, we both are brother then how he is so rich and I don’t even able to manage to get the food to eat?” At this the old woman replied” You have lost your ‘ Karma’ and when you will get it, then all your problems will get solved.” Karma asked the old woman” How I can bring my ‘Karma’ back.” The old woman answered ” For this, you will have to go to across 7 oceans beyond Lanka and there you will find lord Karma and he will help you to bring your Karma back.” The old lady also said that you will find lord karma among lots of pest and insects but you have to hug him without any delay and hatred. Karma and his wife thanked the old lady for helping them. Now they moved to the home.

Next day, Karma and his wife started their journey to go the the place that was told by the old woman. Since, the journey was long so they took all the food that they had. They started their journey and after walking some distance they ate all the food that they had taken. Now after a long distance they were feeling hungry and tired. They saw a big jujube tree. So, they decided to take a rest, under the shade of the tree, and to eat the jujube. The tree was full of jujube fruits and all were ripen. But when they ate the fruit then they found that the jujube was bitter. So they left to ate them and went from the place with empty stomach. When they were going then the tree spoke to Karma and said ” Hey Karma where are you going.” Karma replied that I am going to ‘lord Karma’ to find my ‘Karma’. At this the tree said ” Will you ask the solution of my problem to the ‘ Lord Karma.’ The tree told it’s a problem that why jujube fruits tastes bitter and nobody wants to eat it? Karma said “Ok” and they moved ahead in their journey. As they were going they again felt tired and they saw a Peepal tree. So, they went under its shade to take rest. When they went there then they noticed that the branches were shaking even when the winds were not blowing. Out of fear, they began to run from the tree. At the same time, the tree spoke to Karma “Hey Karma where are you going.” Karma explained where he was going. Then the tree said ” Will you ask the Lord Karma that why my branches always keep on shaking even when the winds don’t blow?” Karma said ok and then moved ahead. In the journey he saw that the two horses were fighting with each other. When they saw Karma and his wife, then they asked where they are going. Karma told the whole story to them too. Then the horses said that will you ask the solution of our problem too that why we always fight with each other? Karma said ok and then he moved back to his destination. 

Finally, after a very long journey they reached to the desired destination. They saw Lord Karma and lots of insects and pests were in his body. But without any hatred and delay Karma hugged the Lord Karma. He narrated the whole story to the Lord Karma. Lord Karma gave the solution of his problem. Karma along with his wife moved to their home again. While they were returning, they saw the fighting horses again. The horses asked Karma ” Did you asked the solution of our problem?” At this Karma said “I forgot to ask.” Again Karma went to lord Karma and asked the solution of the problem of the horses. Lord Karma told that if they donate themselves to anyone then they will stop fighting. Karma went to the horses and told the same. In this the horses said that we can’t donate ourselves to anyone. So, better you take us with yourself. Karma agreed and took them along themselves. Now they reached to the Peepal tree. Peepal tree asked Karma that Did he ask the solution of his problem from lord Karma. Karma said “I forgot.”Again Karma went to lord Karma and asked the solution. The god replied ” There is a lot of gold coins beneath the root of the tree, if the tree donates it then his problem will get solved.” Karma went and said the same to the Peepal tree. The tree said, “I can’t donate it to anyone so it will be better that you take it along yourself.” Karma did the same. As they moved along to their path, they say the jujube tree. The tree asked the same question, as asked by the horses and the Peepal tree. Again Karma said that he forgot to ask. Again he went to lord Karma and asked the solution of the problem of the Jujube tree. The God replied” There are lots of silver coins under the roots of the tree if the tree donates it then it’s fruits will become sweet and everyone will eat it.” Karma told the solution to the tree and the tree said that I can’t give the coins to anyone so better you take all the silver coin along yourself. Karma took all the coins from the roots of the tree and moved to his home. After a long journey he along with his wife, two horses, lots of gold coin and silver coin he reached his home. Now he was a wealthy and happy person. 

From that day Karma Puja start being celebrated on the 11th moon day of Bhadra month. Sisters usually do fasting the whole day and in this the night they all assemble together and worship the Karma Devta and dance around a Karma tree.

Every story has a moral behind it. This story too has a moral. As it is told in the story that Lord Karma was wrapped in lot of insects and pest and Karma had to hug him to get his Karma back. The Karma in the  story is similar to the  goal in your life. Your goal and your dream is wrapped in lot of difficulties and struggles but in order to achieve this you have to simply accept them and overcome them. Only then you can achieve your dreams. As Karma got  his Karma back again but he also got lots of reward too. He got two horses, lots of gold and silver coins. Similar you get lot of rewards as a side product when you achieve you goal. And this side product in the real life are fame, money and a true essence of your life.

So this is the story. Hope you understood this. Don’t forget to give your feedback to me through the comments so that I could know  whether  I am able to convey my message to you  successfully  or not?

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