Some positive things that this came during the Pandemic of COVID- 19 | CORONA MOTIVATION

Some positive things that this came during the Pandemic of COVID- 19 | CORONA MOTIVATION


The year 2020 is very tragic for the whole world. But there are some of the positive things that took place during this pandemic.

So, in this period, don’t be upset, be optimistic and believe that all things will get normal very soon.

So here are some of the positive changes that came during this:


1. Decreased Pollution.

It is one of the fact that due to lockdown, the pollution level of all around the world has decreased significantly.

    1.1. Decrease in air pollution.

Air pollution has decreased a lot. Due to lockdown, all industries, factories and all the vehicle are closed. Hence the release of toxic and polluting gases has decreased. Air quality index has also improved a lot. Thus people got the opportunity to breathe in fresh and clean air after a very long time. The visibility has also increased due to this.

  1.2 Decrease in water pollution.

Waste materials that are dumped from factories in the river are one of the major reason of water pollution. Since factories are closed in this lockdown. So industrial waste has decreased in water bodies. Thus there is a good improvement in the water quality. The quality of the river Ganga has increased a lot. Marine life after a long time are able to live in fresh water and this brings a smile in their life.

    1.3 Decrease in noise pollution.

The city dwellers and the people who live near a factory are worst affected by noise pollution. The continuous noises from the vehicle and the factories are very irritating. Sometimes it leads to serious health issues.
But due to this lockdown all machinery are silent. The city dwellers and the people who live near factories get the peaceful day and a good silent night to sleep.

2. Opportunity to spend time with family.


In the daily busy life one hardly spend time with their family members. People get so busy in their work that sometime even they don’t know what is happening in their own home? Parent don’t get enough time for their children. Couples don’t get time for each other.
But this lockdown has given us the perfect opportunity to stay in home and spend time with the family members. Utilise this time to know your family more better. Spend more
quality and precious time with them.

3. Lesson of cleanliness.


Due to the outbreak of this pandemic COVID-19, people start to give attention toward good hygiene and health.
Now people know the importance of good immune system and also they are searching the ways and good practices to stay fit and healthy. People now the importance of hand washing and sanitising their hand regularly.
Also the importance to use mask in public places.
So these are the positive impact that this pandemic brought in our life. So always be positive and consider this lockdown as an opportunity to improve and build yourself so that when the situation will get normal then you could make a bold come back in the real life again.
Till then stay indoors, stay healthy and be positive and also makes other people to feel positive.
Consider this as a corona motivation and spread among people.

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