Short story on Need of learning modern technologies on modern world

Need of learning modern technologies on modern world


Disclaimer: This is a completely fictitious story and all charters are imaginary. Made for education and entertainment purpose only.


In a recent year, a funny incident took place in a village named as Golambarpuri. This story shows that how information and knowledge is important for us in today’s world . It is needed in every field and lack of it can lead you to lead a great loss.



So this story begins in a small village named Golambarpuri.

This village is located in the lap of beautiful nature. People of this village are very kind ,honest and helpful in nature. But the village has a man who is a small thief and a big fool and unknowledgeable man too. His name is Raju. He is a man of old thinking. He used to look everything in a different perspective. In his family he is alone. He was living his life by doing small robbery in the village. Once upon a time two people of his neighbourhood village came in a tea stall named GUDDU TEA STALL. The owner of this tea stall was Dayashankar Verma who has named the tea stall in the name of his son Guddu verma. Both the people took the sip of the tea and when the owner of tea stall asked for the money then they checked their pocket and found that they have not brought the money. Suddenly they asked to the Dayashankar Verma – ” Do you take bill payment via mobile payment. He said “Yes”, I take the money via any mode of mobile or internet payment. Then they paid via mobile and retuned for their home . The process of paying the money via mobile totally confused Raju who was a thief. After a moment he thought to ask about it to tea stall owner but his mind changed and he did not ask and retuned to his home. The whole day he was thinking about it and concluded that there might be some money inside that mobile. At this time he had lack of money. Professionally, he was a small thief and he decided that whenever he will meet with those person again he will snatch their mobile. Next day, he again went to tea stall and he did not find them there and he started waiting for them but at last whey they didn’t come in the stall then he returned back to his home. But he did not change his mind about this.


Next day, he again went to that tea stall and after waiting for 2 or 3 minutes he saw that both of them were coming . His soul was filled with happiness. He has been looking them with sharp eyes just like an eagle. Both came and sat in the table and asked to owner for the tea. While talking they kept their mobile in the table and forgot to take it again. When Raju saw this he stole both the mobile and put it in his pocket. Then suddenly he left the tea stall and went to a very dense forest. In the forest he brought out both the mobile from his pocket and looked at it for about 5 or more than 10 minutes to know the place that where the money is stored so that he could take it out . But after searching for more than half an hour he didn’t find the money and thought that money might be stored in the interior of mobile and decided to break the mobile. He took a stone and hit the mobile and broke it into pieces and then he started to look for the money in the broken pieces of the mobile but he didn’t get even a single coin. He was completely startled and started crying. In anger he went to the person from whom he has stolen the mobile and shouted very loudly that where is the money in this mobile? Then the man in anger said did you steal the mobile and why did you break it into pieces? The thief said “Yes, I had stolen your mobile because I had seen that you have stored money in this and you had paid the bill in the tea stall from your mobile. So I had taken your mobile to steal all of your money.


But I am surprised to see there was no money in the mobile.” The owner of the mobile laughed out loud and said that my dear thief this is a new technology of paying money through mobile and the money get directly deducted from the bank account. The thief didn’t understood anything. The owner was angry too because his mobile was very expensive and he called the police 👮 and handed that thief to the police 👮 and the thief was arrested and put into the prison.


Since Raju was unaware of this latest technology so he put himself in trouble and bear so much of problems.


So we learnt that how much education is important in our today’s modern world. We should continuously update ourselves with the latest information and technologies. Otherwise you may have to face a lot of problems. So this was the moral of the story.


Thank you! For reading this. See you all in my next blog post. Till them keep learning and discovering new information and technologies.

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