Overview of DAV public school hazaribag.

DAV Public school hazaribag

Dav public school hazaribag is one of the best school of hazaribag. It is a CBSE school managed by Dav managing committee delhi.

It is situated in the lap of nature near the famous Canary hill. Mr. Ashok Kumar is the principal of  the School.

Physical Overview.

You can reach the school from the Canary hill road. Outside the school you can find the parking for the visitors and guardian. There is a big entrance gate and Dav public school is inscribed in it. When you enter the school then in the left hand side you can find space for the parking of cycle for the students. As you move further then in the right hand side there is a garden and  a beautiful statue of Buddha can be seen. In the left hand side there is a basket ball court. Also ahead of basketball ball court at some distance there is a stage which is occasionally used for assembly of the students.  As you move more ahead then there is the main building of the school and principal chamber. You will also find a garden in front the main building.

 Also it has a huge playground and beside the playground there is the auditorium of the school in which the major events of the school are organised.

The whole view of the school is really very awesome.

Some academic details

This school has two buildings. One is for junior and the another is for Senior. Both building are separated at a distance of approx 1km. 

Some of the head of departments of the School. 

H.O.D. of Chemistry: Mr. Ravi Kumar Sinha.

H.O.D. of Mathematics : Mr. C.D. Singh.

H.O.D. of Physics : Md. Tohid Akhter.

H.O.D. of English : Mr. Ashwini Pathak.

H.O.D. of Computer : Mr. Bharat Kumar. 

H.O.D of Painting : Mr. Umesh Gupta.

So, here are some details of D.A.V Hazaribag which i have given from my knowledge. If there is some suggestions or error then comment below, I will try to rectify it.

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