Numbers in our world.

Numbers in our world.

The title of the topic is interesting ” The numbered world”, isn’t it? You will understand till the end of this article that why the title is named so?. Before I start, I want you to request that, Please read the article full otherwise, if you don’t have time you can leave reading right now. If you read it half then you won’t be able to understand it and it won’t make any sense.

So, without wasting too much of your precious time let’s get straight into the topic. I will try to justify my title of this article using few points and these are:

 1.. Numbers in our Academic life.

In the academic life of every person, numbers are very important. Some of the student want to achieve the “number 1” in thier examination and maximum numbers in each subjects. Some students just wish to cross the barrier of passing marks and just wish to get passed.
Here students are judged on the basis of the number they obtain. Whether it is about any examination or any school competition. Everyone just want to achieve rank 1. In our society it is said that, no students should be judged, on the basis of their rank and number in their examination. But these words are just for speaking. But the real truth is known to us.

2.. Numbers in the life of adults.

Most of the people want more and more money in their life. The more money means more numbers of money. Here again comes number. The more number of money a person have, the more reputation and fame the person achieves. Isn’t it a fact?  This is the Reason that most of the people are just running for money in their entire life. I am not saying that all people are running but most of the people are running.
Most people want more number of gold, money, lands, luxurious cars, flats and more and more… As the numbers are uncountable, in the similar way the items that can fall in this list is uncountable. If you want to add something in this list then comment below.

3. Numbers between Countries. 

In the current scenario, every country want to establish themselves as number 1. This is right, all countries have the right to improve their economy. Nothing is wrong in it. But when this act of achieving number 1 converts into act of dominance then the real problem arises. Most of you might have read in the news some countries are on the way of it. You better know the names of such countries. 

4.. Numbers in our mobile phones.

What people think when they buy a mobile phone? Most of the people want to buy the phone that have more numbers of RAM, STORAGE, more megapixel camera, more battery…..  in less numbers of money. But is it true that the phone contain more numbered specifications are more better? In my personal experience and opinion this is not  true. You might have heard 108 megapixel camera phones. But in reality A 12 megapixel camera can capture more detailed and more beautiful photos. 
You might know many phones that have less high numbered specifications but perform far better than the smartphone that have more numbered specifications.
More points could be added on this. But I have tried, to keep it short. Now you tell me in the comments that  what others points could be added on it. 
In the last I want to say to all of you that don’t be the part of this numbered world. Don’t run behind these numbers, work to achieve excellence, the numbers will himself follow you. Always believe in quality not in quantity. More fame, more money, more respect are just the side products in the way of success and excellence. Always keep in mind that Success, fame, money and all luxuries are not happiness. Happiness is Success. The importance of these materialistic things should be just as the importance of salt in your food, neither too less or more. It should be in limits.
The motive of this article is that don’t run behind numbers, work for excellence and happiness.

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