Nothing is impossible if you want.

Nothing is impossible

Everything in this universe is possible. Whatever task you could think of is possible. The only think you need is strong determination, self belief and continuous effort to complete your work. This is not hypothetical. Many people have proven this. In this you will get the same proof.
Many of you often have these questions:
1. My work is very hard and big to do, it’s impossible for me to do?
2. I don’t have proper knowledge about the work, how can I excel in this?
3. I am disabled person, so I can’t do the work?
4. I have lack of resources so I can’t do?
All these questions will be answered and you will get a clear view that nothing is impossible. 
Answer of questions no. 1.

Real life example– Dashrath Manjhi

 You must have heard the name of Dashrath Manjhi and his work. He is known as Mountain man. This simple man of Gaya had such a strong will power that he compelled the huge mountain to bend in his feet. He made 110 m path out of the mountain with the help of only hammer and chisel. The work was not small but he made it possible.  A common man can easily give any excuse that this work is not  possible. But the truth is everything is possible, belief it and start doing it by your heart right now.
Answer of question no. 2.

Real life example — Elon Musk..

Most people often complain that they can’t achieve their goal because they have no knowledge about their goal. But this is not the truth. If you have set your goal then you can achieve it. Elon Musk has made this possible. He is  the founder of the company Space X, although he had never taken formal education on space science. But he was very clear in his vision and he himself studied several books and took help of  other experts to achieve his target. So be clear that you can achieve even that goal in which, you initially don’t have any knowledge. Your dream will compel you to get all the requisite knowledge which is essentially important to get your dream. But you goal should be fixed and clear.
Answer of question no. 3.

Real life example –Oscar Pistorius & Arunima Sinha

 There are hundreds of example of disabled person who have proved themselves. For them their disability is not bigger than their dreams.
Oscar Pistorius is a very famous athlete. Both of his feet had been amputated when he was of 11 due to congenital disease. Inspite  of this he proved himself.
Arunima  Singh a brave girl who conquered Mt. Everest even she is handicapped. Even many abled person don’t have the courage to climb Everest. But she did it and again made this thought true that ” Nothing is impossible if you want”.
Answer of question no. 4.

Several real life example..

There are numerous example in this world where people have reached to the heights of success even they had no resources. They made their own resources to reach their goal. Most successful person started their journey from a poor family but they made their way to success by their strong will power. Some of them are Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Mukesh Ambani, Jack Ma and many other. List of such person is very long that can not be covered here.
In the same way everything is possible and people have made this true.
Now it should be very clear to you that everything is possible. Other reason that are given by people are just mere excuse that people usually give so that they could blame others for their failure.
So be positive and keep positive belief that you can achieve your goal and you will.

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