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NICOLA TESLA a man who invented 20th century

You might be thinking that if you become a scientist and own some of the patents, then you will become rich and you can live a good life. But do you know about Nicola Tesla?  He is one of the great scientists who had more than 300 patents in his name. But in the end days of his life, he had to live in a small hotel with not so much of money. In his last days he used to eat only milk and biscuits. Even from his meal he used to feed the pigeons. From the last 9 years till his death in 1943 he was alone in a small hotel.

His contribution to the world is immense. The laptop or pc or mobile in which you are seeing this post is only running due to his AC induction motor. Look around yourself the electricity in your home, and all the motors is only possible due to his contribution. He was able to speak more than 9 languages. His intelligence and his imagination power can’t be just described in few words. So keep reading further so that you could learn more about him.

Nicola Tesla was born on the midnight 9 and 10 July, 1856 in Smiljan a small place in Croatia. It was not a birth of an ordinary person but it was the birth of The Electric man  of the world who filled the entire world with light and removed the dense darkness of the night. His father was an orthodox priest of the church while his mother used to take care of the farming. Her mother( Duka Tesla) was also a daughter of the priest. Her mother was capable of making small tools which she used to use in her daily work. She was also able to repair the damaged appliances of the home. Overall she was an innovative lady. So her mother had a great role in shaping his future.   Tesla was very popular among the neighbouring villages due to his small inventions. He had a brother(who was elder than him) and three sisters. His brother name was Dane. Tesla and his brother were good friends. They used to catch fishes, birds and used to play other games together. But when Nicola was of 7 years then his brother Dane died due to falling from the horse. Tesla in his biography has written that he was not able to forget this incident of his brother’s death who was so close to him. 

 After his brother death his father got transferred to the City Of Gospic. Here the initial schooling of Tesla started. He was very intelligent in his studies. He was able to solve the difficult questions of integral calculus in his mind.  He used to get A+ marks in his all subjects. Due to this his teachers used to praise him and more attention was also given to him. Due to this other students were jealous from him. He was so intelligent that he completed the 4 year course in just 3 years. When he returned home after his studies then he got infected from the deadly disease called Cholera. Initially his father used to force him to become priest. But Tesla wasn’t interested in this. He was interested in Engineering. But when he got infected from Cholera and he was in a death like situation, then his father came to him and said that he will not force him to become a priest and you can opt what you want to be. This statement gave him so much energy that he recovered from Cholera. 

After his recovery his father admitted him in Graz University of Technology for the studies of polytechnic. In his first year he didn’t missed any lecture and passed 9 exams although it was needed only 4 exams to pass. He got highest grade in each examination. Here he studied the Electromagnetic Induction theory of Franklin very deeply. When Tesla talked to his teacher that electric motors could be run on AC current then his teacher mocked him. This was the turning point in his life and he made AC current his mission. 

In the last years of his university got bored from studies and left his university without completing his degree.  After the death of his father in 1879 he moved to Budapest in 1882. In Budapest he joined the telephone exchange company of Theodore Puskas. He made several improvement in the the machines of the company. Also he made improvement in the telephone amplifier. His work made a deep imprint of his talent on Puskas.

There is no doubt that Tesla was an extraordinarily intelligent person. He was also very good at imagination. It is said that he could imagine the design of the whole machine which he plan to make. Not just the design of the machine but every component which is to be used in it and and how it will function in the machine?

In 1884 Tesla landed the land of USA with very few clothes and a recommendation letter from Charles Batchleor ( manager of Continental Edison company in Paris)  to join the work in Edison’s company. At that time Edison used to supply power to the homes of US and European aristocratic people which was based on DC. Till then Tesla had developed his concept of AC generators and also he showed it to the Edison. Edison rejected this model and said that it has no scope in the future as well as it is dangerous for the people. He said this because he had invested a huge amount money on his DC generators. Edison gave Tesla a work to make improvements on the present DC machinery and promised him to give $50,000 for this work. In few day Tesla made several improvement in the machineries and made it more efficient. When he went to Edison for his $50,000 then Edison said that “It was just a joke, Don’t you even understand the jokes of American!” Tesla was very unhappy from this and in disgust he left the company of Edison.

After being cheated from Edison he was searching for investors that could fund him for his AC generators. Meanwhile, he again bluffed by two American Investors Robert Lane and BA Vail. They had an lightning manufacturing company in New Jersey.  In that company Tesla worked on Arc lighting installation in streets and factories. This work of Tesla was even published on magazines. After the work was over he was removed from the company. This left him penniless. He has to even work as a labourer and used to dig pit holes. The supervisor noticed that he is a very intelligent man. So the supervisor made him to met the owner of the company Alfred Brown. Luckily Alfred Brown had also read about his Arc lighting in the magazine. He was very much impressed from Tesla’s work so he suggested to meet him to a Banker Charles Peck. Brown said that if you could impress Peck then he could fund in your project. At that time to make an egg stand straight was considered as a great magic. He did the same. He took a brass egg and put it on his coiled AC circuit with a plate between the circuit and the egg. This was based on the rotating magnetic field made by the the coiled circuit. When he placed the egg on the plate and switched on the circuit then the egg started to rotate straight. This work of Tesla impressed Peck a lot. 

After this Peck, Brown and Tesla started a company which was named as Tesla Electric Company. In the later years he made several inventions and also patented them in his name. In 1888 he gave a speech on Alternating Current and for the first time he showed the world that electricity can not merely be used for lighting a bulb but it could be used to run other appliances in homes and industries. This speech owned a lot of applause all around the world.

Impressed from Nicola and his work an investor from Westinghouse soon came to meet him and they were ready to invest in Tesla’s AC generator project. This was the beginning of electric war between Tesla and Edison. Westinghouse investors offered him $5,000 and $20,000 of stock options and other royalties. Tesla along with the Engineers of Westinghouse worked on the improvement of AC motor. Soon the company made AC current which was very much cheap and its transmission was also very cheap. AC current started to flourish. Edison was very much jealous from it. He knew that he could not show his DC current higher than AC current so he started to show the demerits of AC among the people. Edison showed that AC current can lead to the death of a person. At that time a prisoner was sentenced death. Edison used him to defame AC current. He made a chair with AC supply and made the prisoner to sit on it and he switched on the AC current. After some time the person died due to shock. He didn’t stop at this. Further he tortured 24 dogs with AC current. Also he killed a horse and an elephant by the shock of AC current and made a short movie on it and showed it to the people, with a view to present the dangers of using AC current. But the benefits of AC currents were much higher than it’s cons. So this didn’t affected the supply of AC current. Soon Edison’s company faced a huge loss and Edison was removed from the post of director in his own company. In the year of 1893 due to Tesla, Westinghouse company got the project to produce electricity from Niagara fall which was the childhood dream of Tesla. Tesla designed a huge AC generator and installed it on Niagara falls in the year of 1896. 

In 1891 he invented Tesla coil which has several applications and could be used to transfer electricity wirelessly which he had demonstrated among people. He also invented oscillator, condenser, electric metre and even worked on X- rays.

Tesla wanted to work on the wireless electricity transmission. But he needed 2 lakhs dollar to start this project. He went to Westinghouse house for the funding but he said that he could not fund so much of money. In the year 1901 Tesla met JP Morgan. He agreed to fund him with a condition that Tesla will give him 51% share of the patent of this technology. Initially he funded him 1.5 lakh dollar. Tesla started his project and made a tower Wardencylffe in Shoreham, New York. Meanwhile Morgan came to know that Tesla want free transmission of electricity through this project. This means no earning and profit from the project and a heavy loss to Electric transmission companies. So he stopped further funding so that they can earn money by selling electricity from Tesla’s Alternating Current model. 

Tesla was so much indulged in his experiments that most of the time he even forget to patent them. This is the reason that many scientists has used his technology and got acknowledgement. He donated all what he had earned to all the employees of the company. So in the last days of his life he had to leave in a hotel.  In the year 1943 this Great man took his last breath in a New York based Hotel.

Nicola Tesla had a belief that every human must have freedom in it’s life whether it is a man or a women so he didn’t get married.

I have tried to present all the information about the life of Nicola Tesla correctly, but if any mistake that might have crept in this, you can tell me in the comments. I will surely remove it.

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