Make yourself limitless – A life with no limits of thoughts..

Make yourself limitless - A life with no limits of thoughts..


Tell me one thing. What is the limit of counting numbers? Where is the end of our universe? What are the limitations of our thinking?
You will say why you are being asked such peculiar questions! You will himself understand in the end of this blog. The answers of the above questions are very simple. There is no limit of counting numbers. The end of the universe is still undefined. One can walk on and on. The universe is limitless. There is no barrier or boundaries of thinking. One can think anything and most people have shown that imaginations can be brought into reality too.
Then my question to you is why do you limit your life and put boundaries on it? Everything in this natures teaches us to be limitless. Even the energy of sun is limitless.
Almost all people of the world have limited thoughts and put themselves in boundaries. 

Most people in the world repeat the same routine from their birth to death. In our world it is almost fixed that when a child grew older and then takes formal education then get higher education then prepare himself to get a job and then repeat the same job his lifetime. In this way the motive of most people is just to get a job, so that they can earn and live their life. But in this we don’t utilise our full potential. The people with this customary only leads a simple life.

History is evident that the people who dares to think differently also achieve different from others. Such people don’t put limitations in their dream and put no boundaries on their thoughts. So always set high goals in your life as small dreams are crime as said by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. Always try to achieve higher than your dreams as their is no limitations in any field.
It is always said that “sky is the limit” but even the sky is limitless. So always keep yourself  improving and keep achieving high and high in your life. Never stop, be unstoppable.

You know that the real problem is with us that most of we have limited thought. As the frog of a well thinks that there is no world outside the well. For him the well is his world. Thus, the frog leaves the whole world unexplored. In the same way we are surrounded by limited thinking people and we just run for the limited jobs  that are available. For a single post or jobs thousands of people are competing.
Make your thought high and be a creator not just a follower. Make your own path. It is always easy to travel the path which is already made. But you face a lot of competitions in that as most people prefer that path. It is also true that to begin a new path is difficult but if you’re truly devoted and consistent then you can achieve higher than other.

Whatever needs daring and a bit of effort we don’t prefer to do that work. Let me make it simple. Most of we don’t wake up early in the morning. Why?  Because it needs daring and a bit of effort to break the inertia of our body. The person who does this gets up early in the morning. Similarly to get rid of restricted thinking you need daring and a bit of effort. It is well known that the first step to start any work is always hard. So make a start first. Dare to think high and then make efforts to do it because you don’t get success in the work you have not planned for. Even if you get then its just your luck. But you can’t live your life on luck.


Last words .

So make your thoughts limitless and  keep no boundaries in its achievement. Always keep on achieving high and high. The moment you find perfection in yourself the same moment you stop growing. Remember this.

Now choice is yours that what you want to be in your life  a person with limited thinking or a person with no limits of thoughts. Tell me in the comments below.

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