Life lessons that trees and plants teaches us to live life happily.

Life lessons that trees and plants teaches us to live life happily.

Trees are humans best friends. It is a very unique creation of nature. Humans can learn many life lessons from plants and tress.
Human beings should learn throughout its life. It helps you to live your life happily. You can learn from anything in the nature. For this keep your mind ready to learn always. Learning good thinks helps in your improvement. It enhances your decision making capability and problem solving skill.
Here are few life lessons that you all can learn from trees and plants around you. Let me explain you how?

Treat everyone equally.

Trees sets best example for you all. They don’t discriminate between rich and poor they treat all equally. Let me tell you how?
Shades of tree’s comfort each one who comes under it equally as well as anyone can seek its fruit. They don’t discriminate anyone one the basis of status, religion, colour. They are equal for all. The same life lesson you must learn from 🌲 trees. You should too give equal resect to all. It makes you free from the social barrier’s made by we humans and allows you to live your life  happily.
Most person treat people on the basis of their status and their caste. Such feeling creates a social barrier and brings the sense of social inferiority among those who are discriminated. You must spread happiness to all the underprivileged people of the society. It will bring good feeling in you as well as it gives you satisfaction and inner happiness.

Move forward even after failure.

Trees can teach you that, you should always move forward in your life even after failure. You must have seen that when someone cuts the trunk of a tree, the leaves grow again in that. They don’t give up and die. Trees also withstand firmly even after facing strong summer, harsh wind and other natural problems. They never leave the hope to live and keep on growing high in the sky.
You should too learn these qualities from the trees around you.

Healthy Competition.

In today’s competitive world everyone is in  blind race to come first. People has lost their moral values. People fall others to come first. They are using wrong ways to come first.
Trees can teach us a healthy competition. You might have read that in a dense forest trees make competition to grow taller in order to get sufficient sunlight. But they don’t use any wrong tactics for this. They bring improvement in themselves to grow taller. In the same ways you should increase your qualities to remain first among all.

Rise of new hope even when everything seems dead

You all have seen that trees shed their leaves in the winter. It looks like they are out of life now, but at the same moment they renew themselves again for future challenges.
Similarly when you sow a seed in the ground then initially it seems dead, but the truth is, the seed sets himself to come strongly into this world.
 You should too not loose hope when everything   seems against you. Such moment is not your end its the start of new and strong you. You must always remember that morning always comes, after a short dark night. So problems are short lived experience of your life.
So that’s all. I hope this will bring new thinking in yourself and will encourage your desire to learn good lesson from anything.
One thing I must say “You are here in this earth to learn new things. Don’t let this desire die within you. Learn each day, and explore new things”.
You can also tell me what you learn from the things around you in the comments below. Your response really matters.
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