Life lessons and qualities that a teenager must have.

Life lessons and qualities that a teenager must have.


Teenage is the period of 13-19 of a human’s life. It is said  teenage because it contains the years of “teen” such as thirteen, fourteen etc.
It is the transition period of a human from childhood to adulthood. So it holds a great importance in a human life. It is considered that – Teenage is the period in which a person can either build itself or can destroy itself. 
A teenager should be made ready for future in this age only. Both parent and the teen should together make efforts for this. If a teen gets better qualities in this age then, it is most probable that the child will have a glorious future.
The teenage is the building phase of a human’s life. Let me make it more clear. A teenage is just like molten piece of metal which can be casted in any form. If it gets a better blacksmith then it could be turned into a master piece. But if it falls in the hands of unskilled blacksmith then it could be also moulded into a scrap. In the same way if a teenager gets better guidance as well as if inculcates certain good qualities in itself then the child could be turned into a gem. But if a child gets under bad company and develops wrong habits in its teenage then it is very difficult for him to make its future bright. As it is difficult to give a casted iron a new form. To give the iron  a new shape again it must be melted again or it must have to bear the extreme pain of 🔨 hammer. In the similar manner if once a person develop bad qualities in its teenage then it is very difficult for him to improve his life later. It’s not even impossible but the person has to reboot himself again and will have to make new beginning and it is very difficult. So everyone should give proper attention in their teenage.
Here are some of the life lessons and the qualities that a teenage must take:

Dream big goal

It is very important to make a goal in our early age and should start to  work on it from the very beginning. One should be very clear in his life that in which direction do the person want to take his life?. If simply said, then everyone must have a clear vision and goal in its life.
But you must have big dreams in your life. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam also says that ” Small aim is a crime”. So you must set big goal for you in your early teens.

Strong Mindset.

A teenager should not be fickle minded. Once you chose your dream you should stick on goal until you accomplish it. You should not change your goal again and again in your life.
Also if you get failure in your goal then you should not leave it. Strong mindset helps you to fight from adversities and increases your risk taking ability. Strong Mindset don’t allow you to easily give up and help you to move forward even after failures.


From the initial stage of your life you must be hardworking. Don’t make yourself dull and lazy. This can prove as an obstacle in your way of success.
Hard work increases you strength and helps you to archive your success. It also makes you self dependant. It gives you the right way of Success and doesn’t allow you to adopt the silly shortcuts in the way of your dreams. Being hardworking gives a strong base to your dreams.

Avoid Distraction.

Teenage is the age group in which children often get distracted. Teenager often get attracted towards the thing that are rewarding. There are various means of distraction in today’s world. For instance social media, attraction toward opposite sex and porn and drugs addiction.
These distraction not only waste a lot of time but also effect the mental and physical health. Also it decreases the focus level of a person and thus the person takes much more time to complete a work that could be completed in a short time. This means it directly affects the productivity and efficiency of a person. So one must avoid Distraction in its life.


Curiosity is one of the quality that leads a person to explore and learn new thing. A teenager should be curious to know more and more. A teen should be curious to know the unfamiliar circumstances of life as it helps to live life better in future. Also it increases the ability to deal with unfamiliar problems and situations in life.
In the beginning of the life if a person acquires lots of  knowledge and new skills then this helps him in future. Learning is a life long process and if this is not developed in the teenage then it is very difficult to develop it later. You better know the importance of learning. So make yourself curious and inquisitive.


The word gratitude means the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. One must develop this quality in its teenage as it has many benefits. Some of them are:
  • Helps to build a strong relationships
  • Makes you humble.
  • Makes you feel happy 
  • Improves psychological health.
On the other hand the person who are haughty consider himself superior than other. Also such people always think that they are perfect and thus stops the zeal to learn.
Everyone should be down to earth and should keep good attitude and behaviour in front of others. This increases empathy and reduces the feeling of anger and aggression.
Thus it adds a quality to your life and makes you feel  happy.
It’s importance is expressed rightly in the quote below:
So these are the qualities in which a teenager must pay attention.

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