Kuldeep Kumar a name in Digital world- my future version

Today we are going to talk about the new emerging entrepreneur Kuldeep Kumar who became a millionaire at the age of 21. He runs his company Digital Kuldeep where this young man employs more than 50 people. In the age 21 where most of the people struggle for a job he is employing 50 people.

He is financially independent at this age and leading a happy and satisfied life.

He says that things were not so easy for him. After his intermediate he had decided that he will start his own work. Nothing was decided. He started to search for the work he could do. Then as a first step he started his blog in blogger which was not a success. In the beginning he was very impatient and wanted to achieve quick success. Soon after uploading few post he thought to earn from it through Google Adsense but he failed as he focused first in earning before learning.

After that he learnt the basic of blogging, SEO  and WordPress from YouTube and set up his first blog on Ready2Succeed.club on WordPress. He thought that he will be able to earn from here but he was not able to earn anything. He was disappointed that he is not capable of earning. So he left blogging for some time.

While he was blogging he had started his YouTube channel, an Instagram page and made a twitter account to earn money. But nothing worked for him.

Later he came to know that he was not able success in any work because

  1. He was focusing on too many things at a time.
  2. He had not defined his niche.
  3. He was trying to be successful in a very short time and wanted to get instant results from his work.
  4. He had no faith in his work.

One day when he was struggling to find a way to become successful, while scrolling posts on Facebook he saw the ad of Digital Deepak. He saw that he will be paid for the internship. He thought of giving it a try so he registered himself for the webinar. After attending the webinar he thought that he should join the course as it could possibly change his struggling life. He somehow managed the money and joined the course.

Meanwhile he started reading and pointed out the mistake that he had made in his past. Now he was sure that if he want to become successful then he will have to change himself. He made micro-changes in his life. Brought disciplines and good habits joined various courses and focused on learning. Worked on his introvertness and personality development.

After the Digital Deepak course he started his digital marketing company and with proper knowledge and his devotion he was able to reach this height where we see them.

Definitely The path was not as easy as it look. He now says that it is not over yet it is the beginning and there is a long way to go.

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