Jobs that AI will Replace in future

Jobs that AI will Replace in future

Many experts have given their consent that several professions will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence in the next 5 to 10 years. A group of influential people said that any work that can be learned will be replaced by AI in future. Jobs affected by AI will not be replaced by human beings because they can complete the same work faster and in less time compared to human beings.

Warehouse and manufacturing jobs, data entry, customer service, etc. are the jobs that can be affected by AI. Accountants, factory workers, radiologists, truckers etc. have to face the same disruption as faced by farmers during the industrial revolution. Artificial Intelligence will affect both highly trained and poorly educated people alike.

Artificial intelligence is the reason for the exit of many workers from industries. This is because they are less error-prone than humans. They execute the instructions exactly as they receive in the form of codes. So, for jobs like data entry, they are supposed to be the best. Typing, copying, pasting, and transcribing are the very jobs that can be taken over immediately by AI’s. They don’t get tired and bored while working. They can work staying up all the nights with the same performance but if it is done by humans it will impact their performance from the next day.

Lack of focus, irritability and errors will start to occur from the next day if a person works staying up all night. On the other hand, AI’s don’t require sleep and can do the same work with the same motion every day without getting dull like humans. They can do dangerous work also such as mining, assembling machines and factory works. They can work in those places where people may be killed or injured. They are also cheaper in comparison to humans.

Jobs that will be replaced by AI

We are all aware of the potential and efficiency that AI’s possess, based on which it is crystal clear that AI will replace various types of jobs very early.

Here is the list of some jobs that AI will replace in future-

Courier delivery Systems

Delivery boys are the parts of our society because of which we can receive our couriers to our homes and offices directly without any trouble. But in the coming years, their position might be acquired by AI’s. Several courier delivery companies are adding drones and other devices for delivery work. These drones are well equipped with advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Customer service team

Almost every company has a customer service team to guide their user in case of any problem so that they can provide the required solution. Therefore companies have to pay a lot of money in hiring these specialists but in the future robots will replace them because they can perform the same work more efficiently with the help of software and AI.Various companies have started working without any customer service team and depend completely on well-designed robots and specially created software, which provides better solutions to their customer’s problems. They guide them with the same effort as guided by humans and also never get tired and bored.

Reception managers

Reception managers handle various types of work such as form filling, calls and other important work management. But with the help of well designed computer-generated software which will be based completely on artificial intelligence can complete the above-mentioned work in a more efficient way than managers. Jobs AI will replace cannot be replaced by humans again. Moreover, some hotels started adding robots for such work. Jobs of reception managers are also included in the list of jobs affected by AI.

Business Managers

The jobs of Business Managers are also in danger from Artificial Intelligence. In business businessmen sometimes forget to complete their incomplete work because of workload. Therefore they keep managers.

But in the coming years, their position might be acquired by advanced software and well-developed robotics which will work based on artificial intelligence. Businessmen and others who will start keeping these devices then they would be able to complete their unfinished work by getting notification after a certain interval of time.

Bookkeeping and data entry

In the coming years, professions such as bookkeeping and data entry will be done by machines having artificial intelligence.

Pharmacy and manufacturing work

Among the list of jobs affected by AI, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing work will also be included in the coming years. Scientists can work together with upgraded robots in a much safer environment in pharmaceutical labs.


The jobs of doctors are taken over by the robot surgeons at some places. Critical operations performed by them are more accurate and effective. Chances of infection are also less due to more hygienic measures and no place for human error.

Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers and Security Guards

Jobs AI will replace also include Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers and Security Guards. With the advent of AI’s their jobs are also in danger. This sector has a 98% chance of replacement and automation among AI replacement jobs.

Market Research Analysts

Every organization keeps market research analysts to increase the performance of their business but now they prefer AI-enabled robots because they provide more comprehensive data.

Advertising works will also be affected the same as other sectors in the coming years with the advent of AI’s. With the help of advanced AI, based systems advertisement of products can be done more effectively.

These are some of the jobs affected by AI and will be affecting more in future. Technologies are advancing continuously which are the bright phase for the AI future.

Future Jobs that cannot be replaced by AI

There are still some jobs that cannot be replaced by AI and these are as follows-

  • Social Worker
  • Graphic designer
  • Writers
  • Lawyers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Chief Executives
  • Scientists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Clergyman
  • Event Planners
  • Project Managers
  • Public Relation Managers

Final Verdict

Jobs affected by AI are those which don’t require critical thinking. So in future, the jobs that require such a type of thinking will not be taken over by AI’s. Therefore people need to learn new skills and upgrade them regularly so that they can adapt to different styles of working in the future.

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