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Kuldeep Kumar - January 28, 2021

Interesting property of water

Interesting  property of water


Today you are going to know 2 major interesting phenomenon of science. The two phenomenon are:

1. Why a bottle completely filled with water breaks when cooled in refrigerator?
2. Why the potatoes plant dies after in excess cold?
So let’s quickly know the hidden science behind it. The science is easy as well as very interesting so study till the end.

Why a bottle completely filled with water breaks when cooled in refrigerator?.

When we fill a plastic bottle completely then no space is left in the bottle. When we keep it in refrigerator then the water in the glass turns into ice. This you all know but wait you don’t know one thing that when water cools then it expand. In the word of science 綽 the volume of the water increases as it cools. Now obviously the cooled water(simply ice ) will take more space. But since there was no space left in the bottle and the water has to expand for sure so it ultimately breaks the bottle due to it’s increased volume or space.
This is the reason why it is advised not to keep completely filled bottle in the refrigerator. So this is the simple explanation. If you find any difficulty in understanding this then you are free to ask your doubts in the comments below. I will be happy 綽 to help you.

Why the potatoes plant start to die after a extremely cold night?

If you are a farmer or you have a farming background or if you reside near any village or farm then you might have seen that the potatoes plant start to die slowly after a very cold night. Why is it so? Don’t worry I will give you answer of this question. This is also related to the above question. As we now know that water expand or increases it’s volume as it cool down. So in this case the nerve of the potatoes plant breaks as the water gets very cold in the shivering cold night.
Let me explain you in detail. Plant too need water. We all know this. In plant the nerve that transport water is known as xylem. So the xylem transports water from the root to the tip of the plant. So in the extremely cold night, the water of the xylem cools down and the volume of the water start to increase. Since the xylem can expand up to a certain limits so when the volume of water expands too much then the xylem breaks. So the plant start to die slowly.
So today we learnt a natural propertyof water that it increases it’s volume as the temperature decreases.
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