Inspiring story of IAS Pradeep Singh AIR 93 UPSC CSE 18

IAS Pradeep Singh AIR 93 UPSC CSE 18

Dear friends we have heard about upsc exam and we know that this exam is the mother of all exam conducted in our country.But many of us feared from the upsc exam .This is due to wrong myths spread in our society about it.This myth is broken by an individual(PRADEEP SINGH) about whose we will know today.


Pradeep singh belongs from poor family.So he had to struggle lot in cracking upsc exam.His motherland was Bihar but to earn their livelihood they moved to Indore (Madhya pradesh).There are four members in his family.His father was a service man in diamond petrol pump in Indore city.His mother is a housewife and his brother has a private job.His journey of upsc began when he moved to delhi in the year 2017 and joined vajirao coaching institute. To bear its expenses his father had to sell his house

which was built from his lifelong earning.This sacrifice puts an extra responsibility in his head. Then he determined that if their family members are so ready to sacrifice anything for his dream so its his responsibility to make his dream come to reality.He made his dream a living reality in his first attempt of upsc at a very young age of 22. He secured all india rank 93 in upsc examination.

He suggest some advice and strategies to the young upsc aspirants .These suggestions are:

1.Cut off yourselves from all the distraction.

He says that it is very important to clear this exam that we cut off ourselves from aĺl kinds of distractions. These distraction could be social media ,friends circle,surfing things on internet ,spending time in OTT platform and many more. So if you aspire to clear this exam must eliminate your distraction first so that you could focus all your attention in one thing.


This says that our task must be completed within the made time frame.This simply means we must not procrastinate our work.If we put todays work to tomorrow then it simply means we put our dream away from ourself.So do your work in time and follow your routine strictly.




He gave the example of BABAR that before fighting any battle with his enemy he used to inspect the battlefield first.So he was so successful in winning the battle. What he mean to say is wes hold know what the upsc ex demand first.This you can get by seeing its previous year question paper and this will give you an idea that what you have to study.


He also says that a phase of demotivation also comes in the preparation of exam and this make us think also about that how we can clear this exam among the competition among more than 10 lac people.To overcome from this he suggests to ask a self question that why i had started the preparation of this examination. Was it our decision or imposed on us by others .if it is our decision then there arises no question to give it up but even it is imposed on you then it is the golden chance to show your inner potential to the society.There is a popular proverb that time gives everyone a golden chance to show his potential and to get succcess in life.And if we get the position then we could find a status in our society and bring fruitful changes and see it in another away.

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