Inspirational story

              Failure to Success

  (PART – 1)

Overview : This is a story of an Indian man who reached to the peak of success inspite of several adversities. In this story you will come to know that problems and adverse conditions can’t stop a person from achieving his goal. So let’s begin the journey together.

This is a story of a poor boy who dares to face challenges and through his strong determination he made his dream a living reality.

The story begin when he was in class 10th. His name was Rajendra mehta. He was a very intelligent and meritorious students in his class. From the last 3 years he was the topper of his class so he was praised by his teacher. Now this year he has to give the board exam. In that year he worked very hard and at last as  a result he got 95% marks in board exam. All his family member and also Rajendra was very happy. He received praise from all his relatives and he was very happy. But his happiness was not so long and soon he was to face the real trouble. 

Now it was the time of his higher education. For this Rajendra had decided to pursue his study in Science stream. When he was in school then together he and his friends has decided that they will study in the same school. But when the time of admission came , then all his friend took admission in different school and thus they broke their promise that they had made with Rajendra. Rajendra didn’t paid much attention to it and he took admission in one of the famous school of the city. He had to leave his home. When he was leaving his home, then all the members were very emotional. But he had to leave his home . In his mind he was very much determined that he was going to rock in the new school. But what happened with him was very unexpected for him.
Now one day their friend called him and said that they will live  together in the new city. Rajendra agreed to their proposal. Rajendra’s parents gifted him a new smartphone. Now  new journey of his life was about to begin .


Now his school was open and went to his school. It was his first day in his school , everything was completely different. There were several questions in his mind. Whom to make friends? How the teacher will behave with him ? And many more.


In the new city he had to cook food along with his friend. He was living in a rented room along with his other 3 friends. They all had no experience of cooking food . But it is true that situation teaches you to adapt in any situation. He got admitted in std. 11’C’ and unfortunately the class teacher was not so good. Beside studying he had several other work such as cooking food, washing clothes and many other. In his life he had never taken any tution and to save his time for his self studies he decided not to take tution. Without any guidance and proper knowledge he began to study. Days kept on passing and his first periodic test took place. Exam passed quite unexpected. He got failed on one of its subject. It was really shocking for him. He was not able to understand what to do because he has never faced such downfall in his life. After school when he returned to his room then he cried 😭 😭 a lot. He was a very true person ,in evening he phoned his father and told about his result, his father consoled him and said “don’t worry, you keep on working hard, you will reach your dream”. At that moment he decided that in next I will get good marks. Next exam came but the result improved only a bit. Again he was unhappy 😔☹️😔.
Things were not going according to him. One more misfortune happened with him ,his mobile was stolen from his room. This made him more upset 😢 😢.During this his friend’s helped him to find his mobile. Now his final exam was near and he was again determined that this time he will surely achieve his goal . He started working very hard for it. Days came near and he wrote his exam. But again the result was same. He just scored 49% marks in class 11th. His parents lost hope from his son 💔💔. Rajendra had also lost his confidence. He began to think that I can’t achieve my goal. Even in holidays he began to remain sad 😥😥😥. Festivals were not now joyful to him. Even he didn’t enjoy in his favourite festival 😍😍 . When he returned home after giving the class 11th final exam then he saw the condition of his home 🏠 . His parent’s had grown old. His sister and his parent were in hope that Rajendra will achieve heights in his life. Parents had grown old and they can’t work further. Rajendra was their only hope. After seeing all these things Rajendra made his mind that , now nothing can stop me.
Now he determined that ‘now in every exam i will get good marks. I will become a successful man and I will prove that no any situation can stop me.’ He made his mind and made commitment to himself that “Each day I will rise with dream and I will seep with satisfaction”. “The situation of my life will not govern me I will govern the situation of my life.

Now he start searching why he was facing failure ? He came to know that he was not using the right strategy. He was studying without a proper plan. Now he forgot what happened with him in the past. Now he started to make  dairy notes. With each day he started to make the list of the things to do. He started to wake up early in morning. Each day he was moving toward his target. He kept himself motivated by listening inspiring song, reading motivational quotes .

Now his first unit test came and he got highest marks in his class. But again a tragedy happened with him . One day his friend took his bicycle to coaching. When his friend returned from coaching then in a sad 😞😢😔  tone he informed Rajendra that his bicycle got stolen. Again this makes him sad.. This incidence hindered his study again and due to this he was not able to perform well in his Pre board. Again he decided to leave the past and work on the future. Now his final exam was coming near he made himself ready for it. He started to study day and night.

He gave his best in his board exam. Few months later result came and became the topper of  all the zones of the country. He finally made his dream into reality.

In this way he got success.


  1. Always make plans and proper strategy
  2. Most of the time the problem are small ,the only thing to do to find its root cause
  3. Have positive attitude toward problem.

Never loose your hope..

 Golden note : Life is very special don’t let it go in regret achieve heights and do wonder…

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