Importance of festivals in our life.


Importance of festivals in our life.
Our country India is also said to be the land of festivals. Variety of festivals are celebrated here and all these festivals holds a great importance in our life.

India is a country of religious diversity. Almost all the major religion of the world are found here and each religion has their own cultural festival. The way of celebration of these festivals are different but they hold something which is common in all celebration and that similarity is their importance and need in our life. So here are some of  the great importance of festivals in our life.

 1. Gives break from daily hussle.

In festivals most people get holidays, means relief from their daily work. The daily boring work of the people makes their life boring and stressful. So one needs a break from their daily work so that they can rejuvenate and recharge themselves and festivals provide them this wonderful opportunity to refresh ourselves.

People gets a chance to experience something different and unique from the daily working days and it removes boredom from life and fills them with good and positive energy. The way of celebration of the festival removes the tiredness of the daily work. They get a opportunity to be happy and make others happy.

2. Connect all your relatives.

In festivals all get holiday from their daily work. So to celebrate festivals all relatives and family members assemble at one place. After a long time they get a time to meet each other. Children receives the blessings of the elders. All people exchange wishing and gifts with each others and spread happiness. All recall their golden memories that they have spent in the past. They also share their sorrow and joys with each other. This makes the bond between them more stronger and they got to know more about each other.

3. Gives some lessons.

Each festival is associated with a mythological event and gives  a unique message and lesson. To commemorate those epic events, each year we celebrate those events in the form of festivals. All of we celebrate it with great joy and enthusiasm.
Some of the lessons that are given by famous festivals are as follows
1. Diwali spreads the message of the triumph of the good over the evil. It symbolises that no matter how long it takes but ultimately good always win over the evil. It also signifies
the removal of darkness by light.
In the similar way other festivals also spreads different important messages.

4. Helps to understand our traditions more better.

In festivals all people dress in their traditional attire and celebrate each festival in a traditional way, this helps them to stay connected from their tradition. Children get to learn about their culture and tradition. This helps them stay connected from the origin. Children also learn about the epic heros that served the mankind and also fought against the evil and betterment of the society. This inspires them to be good, humble, brave and kind hearted.

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