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Kuldeep Kumar - July 16, 2020

How to get more than 90% in boards? Tips to get 90% in boards.

How to get more than 90% in boards?



Every meritorious student want to get the milestone of achieving more than 90% in boards. But some are able to get this while many of them just dream of achieving this. More than 90% marks in boards is really a very pleasing and wholesome experience, both for the student and their parents.

I find myself eligible to write this blog, because I have also scored more than 90% marks in my both board exams. In my 10th board I have scored 92.8% marks and I have scored 94.6% in my 12th from science stream (CBSE boards) . Now you might be thinking that why I am giving you these details? I am giving you these details, so that you can trust on my tips and techniques, on getting more than 90% marks on boards exams.

In this blog I will share the most practical tips and techniques.

Myth buster 1. : Your school or your teacher doesn’t matter more for you to get more than 90% marks in your boards. The most responsible is you. If you are fully determined then no one can stop you. In my 10th board I was from an unaffiliated school but it didn’t stop me.

Myth buster 2 : Remove the fear of board exams. Study whole year honestly and be confident that you will score more than 90% in boards.

Myth buster 3: Is 12 board exam hard? 
The answer is 12th board is not hard it is just like other exam that you give in your school. 

Is it easy to score 90 in boards?
Board exams are easy if you prepare for it. Take it easy and give your best. Most of the time you get more than your expectations in board exam.

Now it’s the time of the real tips:

How is 90 percent board exam scored in Class 12?

How is 90 percent board exam scored in Class 10?
Get  your answers by following these tips.

Tips to get more than 90% in boards.


Tips to get 90% in boards.


1. Start studying right now.

This is really very important. The common mistake that most of the students make that in the beginning of the year of boards most of the student avoid to study. They think that after a month of 1 or 2 they will begin their preparation. And this is a wrong mentality. This gives rise to a sense of procrastination within you.

From the beginning of the year you should start studying bit by bit. Don’t try to study hard and fast. Be calm and maintain a continuity in your study. When you start studying from the very beginning then you can complete your syllabus early and thus you can get more time for revision and also you can practice more questions. Practice is important to increase you marks. Chances to get more 95% marks increases when you do a lot of questions. It removes your minute errors in your answers and brings each important questions in your fingers tips.


People also search

Can you score 90 in boards 2 months?

How do you get 90 percent in board exam in 10 days?

How do you get 90 percent in board exam in one month?

Yes it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you have prepared earlier then it will be easy for you. If you just want to get more than 90% just by preparing 2 months, 1 months or 10 day then it is very difficult and seems impossible.


2. Make your self notes.

You should make your own proper notes of each subjects. Many students make the notes in their rough copy. Some of you think that you will make fair notes later and some think that they will Xerox the notes of the others. But this is not right.

Your own proper notes gives you the real feel. It is also efficient. When one makes it’s own notes then he/she makes it according to its own convenience that may be difficult for you to study. When you make your own notes then you know the location of each and every topic in your copy. You should mark important topics while you make your own notes.

3. Follow a daily routine.

Now in this, most of you will say that we make routine but we are unable to follow it. The reality is, when we set routine for ourselves then we become superman. In this way we set a tough routine for ourselves. Thus, at the end of the day most of we don’t complete our routine. The other reason that most students don’t complete their routine is lack of self honesty. So be honest with yourself and don’t cheat yourself .

So make a light routine for yourself and be honest with it. Making a daily routine has lots of benefits. First you can track your daily progress and also you can make your future planning of your study. It makes your study efficient and easy.

4. Don’t be fickle minded.

This is a topic in which no one talks a lot. But it effects your performance a lot. You should not be fickle minded in two ways:

1. In deciding books

Most of the students always remain confused in choosing a book to follow. It’s very simple to score more than 90% in boards, you should only follow your N.C.E.R.T. books. This is only sufficient to score good. Study it strictly and make notes according to it. Get concepts from these books and then practice lots of questions based on it. Don’t run your hands on multiple books.

2.Where to study in coaching or in school.

Let me tell you a common mentality of most students. When they are in school then they think that they will study in coaching and in coaching they think that they will study in school. In this way they neither study in school nor in coaching. Although coaching is not necessary to score more than 90% in boards but if you think that you should go for coaching then it depends on you. If you can manage school and coaching simultaneously and if coaching is beneficial for you then must go for it. The choice is yours.

I had not taken any tuition or coaching personally.

5. Previous years questions paper.

It’s really very very very important. You can’t ignore this. In board exam, it is guaranteed, that questions repeat from the previous year. Practice of the previous years questions paper gives you dual benefits.
First you get an idea that what is the pattern of board exam and which types of questions are asked in board. Secondly it checks your level of preparation.

This is the best way of study. Do one chapter and solve previous years questions from that chapter. Don’t run for multiple books and guide.

More tips:

1. Be consistent: Each day at least study 4 to 5 hours.

2. Avoid Distraction: Set your dreams above your distraction.

3. Don’t be boastful: Always keep studying, don’t stop studying after scoring good marks in one school test.

4. Revision: Continuously revise. It keeps all the topics fresh in your mind.

5. Don’t underestimate the optional, additional and english subject. These subjects can increase your rank in very less effort. So also study these subjects.

6. Follow your syllabus strictly. Take the Xerox of your syllabus and keep it with you. Check out weight age of each chapter and prepare accordingly.

7. Be happy and anxiety free. Assure yourself that you will score more than 90% in boards.

Remember one thing, don’t run here and there for multiple guidance. Follow these tips honestly and it will definitely benefit you. If anyone of you follow these tips then contact me after a year and share with me your experience.

If you get more than 90% marks in boards by following my tips then don’t forget to give your opinion in the comments below after the declaration of result.

Go get more than 90% marks in boards. No one can stop you.

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