Engineer Day 2020, why it is celebrated?

Engineer Day
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First of all Happy Engineers Day 2020 to all my engineer who are playing a vital role in building our country. This blog is a tribute to all the engineer around the world.

Why Engineer Day is celebrated?

Engineer day is celebrated to commemorate our great Engineer Sir MV and his contribution in the field of Engineering. His full name is Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

About Sir MV.

Sir MV was born on 15th September 1861. He was born in   Kerala near Chikkaballapur at Muddenahalli village in a poor family. His childhood was full of struggle, he has to walk nearly 60 km to reach his school United mission school. Sir MV completed his Engineer degree from College of Engineering Pune and started practicing Engineering at Bombay Public work division.

His project on Krishna Raja Sagar Lake and Dam,  was his  most famous project which made him stand in the category of legend Engineer. Sir MV invented  ‘The Block system’- an automated door in the dam which shut itself during overflow.
He has also received Bharat Ratna ( most prestigious award in India) in the year 1955.
The life of the great legend Sir MV can’t be described in few words but I made an attempt to summarize all the important facts about his life.

 Importance of Engineers.

There is a great importance of Engineering in our country. They through their unique ideas and skills makes things that makes our life easier and takes nation toward its development.
There are various branches of Engineering and all are equally important for us.
Look around yourself what do see? You might be seeing, any applicable such as mobile, tv fridge etc. If you look outside then you find roads, building, bridges, vehicles etc. These all things are best example of engineering and there is no need to explain their importance.

Some wonders of engineering.

1. Burj Khalifa is the longest building in the world, situated in UAE Dubai and its height is approx 830m.
2. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The biggest suspension bridge .
3. Foldable phones: In the year 2020 we can see folding phones which earlier seem to be impossible.
And this list is endless. I have just mentioned some of them. Now you mention some engineering wonders in the comments below which I have missed.

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