An overview of the inspiring village Bhelwara. Pathalchua in Bhelwara.

Bhelwara is a village in the state of Jharkhand. It comes under the Hazaribag district of Jharkhand. It is a gram Panchayat which consists many local villages. It is approx 35 Km away from the city hazaribag.
It is a agriculture centric village and it beautifully surrounded by forest from all sides. It is very well connected with the. National highway 100 which makes the good connectivity of the village from the nearby cities. This village is also well connected with the electricity.
The major community resides here is Kurmi -Mahto, and some proportion of Rajwar, Kamar, Scheduled Tribes and some other.
This village has made major contribution in preserving nature. Each year on 28th October Rakshabandhan for trees is organised on the place named Pathalchua in Bhelwara. In this a function is organised and people of this village inspires others to save nature. Through many cultural events this message is spread very beautifully to others.
Due to this the village has also received many cash rewards for promoting such ideas and preserving nature. Many wildlife creatures are found in the jungles of Bhelwara. Some of them are deers, wild pig, peacocks and many others.
The small rivers of Bhelwara during rainy season looks awesome and the greenery of the forest is very appealing.  Since the village is full of greenery and forest, this receives a good annual rainfall. The water level of the village is very good . Some fields in the village don’t even dry out in Summers.
Some of the popular trees of the forest are sal locally known as sakhua, mahua tree which is also considered as the
raisins of Jharkhand.
These instructions and information is collected from a habitant of the village. If you find any suggestions and errors then don’t forget to drop your comments below.
You suggestions are heartily welcome and if there is any error then I will try to rectify it.


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