A short story depicting real meaning of peace of mind.


  • Short story on real peace of mind


The actual and real meaning of peace of mind is not that your surrounding is calm and peaceful, but it really means your inner peace even after lots of adversities and uneven circumstances around you. The same I will try to make you understand from a short story on peace of mind.


Once upon a time there was a great art exhibition gallery. One day the owner of the gallery announced that he will give 100 million dollars to the artist who will depict the real meaning of ☮️ peace of mind through his painting. Since the price 💰 money was so big, so thousands of artists participated from all around the globe and sent their painting for the competition. Finally from thousands of different painting some around 50 paintings were shortlisted for the final competition. The final day of the declaration of the result came. All artists whose paintings were selected  and media correspondents were invited for this event. Also there was a huge gathering of lots of people who were enthusiastic to know the name of winner artist and also to take a first glimpse of his peaceful painting. All judges were ready to choose one painting among those 50 paintings and there were various whispering sound of the people showing their eagerness to know the winner.


In the selected 50 paintings. They all were masterpiece in itself and in all those paintings the real ☮️ peace was described in unique ways. In one of the painting peace was described as a scenic mountain place with glacier over the mount top and calm water was shown flowing down to a lake and the morning sunrise and fluffy clouds were shown behind the mountain. In another painting a silent lake was shown. The lake was so silent that the reflection of the sky, tress and the ☁️ clouds could easily be seen. In the similar way there were more 48 painting.


Finally the judges selected one final painting. The winner painting was brought onto the stage with a cloth veiled on it. The owner of the art gallery came on the stage to unveil the winner painting and to declare the winner artist. When the owner unveiled the painting then all were dumbstruck to see the painting and all were thinking that the painting might have got misplaced and all said to cross check the painting. The owner smiled and said that the painting is not misplaced, this is the winner painting. All artists were very angry. Some of them came to the owner and they asked that how this painting could depict real peace? All media correspondents also came to him and put their mike forward to him, to speak. The owner smiled and said that you all looked at this painting from outer view and you only saw the turbulent condition shown in the figure such as thunderbolt and windy and stormy weather. But look deep into the painting and see there is a small hut and from the window of the hut an old man is looking outside, who is having calm posture and a gentle smile in his face even there is scary weather outside. This is the actual peace of mind. Being calm and peaceful even after adverse situation. This is the moral of the story.


Don’t forget to drop your valuable view about this story. Also make this story reach to everyone so that each one could know that peace could not be achieved by outer views and surrounding but it can be achieved by inner calmness and peace.


This story is inspired from Sandeep Maheshwari sir’s video.

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