A short inspiring story that will guide you to move always forward.

A short inspiring story that will guide you to move always forward.



It is a short inspiring story of Ancient times when there were gurukuls. Students used to live along with their guru.

One day, guru( teacher) came along with their students to take bath in the river. They all came near the bank of the river. When they came on the bank of the river then the Guru sat down. Since the students of that times were very obedient and they used to follow their teacher. So, without any question they also sat down, hoping that after some time they will take bath in the river. But his Guru kept on sitting for a long time, but the students don’t had the courage to ask any question to his Guru that why they are all seated there without any reason? The time passed and it was evening now and still his Guru was in the same seated position. All students were staring each others face. Finally, the patience of one student broke and he asked to his teacher  that Guruji why we are seated like this from morning without any reason? Guruji answered that I am waiting for the flow of water to stop so that I could move in the river easily. All students were amazed🤔 with this reply of his teacher. Then another student said to his teacher that Guruji the flow of the river won’t stop. With this reply of his student, Guruji smiled🙂 and said ” This is the lesson that I wanted to teach you all today.”


He said that our life is just like this river that move on continuously as same the flow of water of this river. We must not wait🙇 for the river water to stop as it won’t happen. Similarly, we should not wait in our life for the circumstances to be favourable. We must do our work and move forward even after difficulties. Good and bad times are eternal so don’t wait for the time to be favourable. Don’t wait for any opportunity that isn’t available, create the opportunity that you need for you. So this is the moral of this story.


I got inspired to write this story from Sandeep Maheshwari sir’s video. In one of his video he had narrated this story. I hope I would have been able to deliver you the main motive of this story.

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