7. Tips to get up early in the morning

7.  Tips to get up early in the morning

We should always get up early in the morning .But most people wake up late. Most of you wish to wake up early in the morning but it just remain a wish.
Nature has made day and night. We should always go along with nature. So we must get up early in the morning. It has several benefits. So let me give you some tips that you can apply in your life to get up early in the morning.

1. Sleep early.

To get up early in the morning you must go to bed early. Most of you want to get up early in the morning but due to today’s modern lifestyle. Most people sleep very late in the night.
You have several reasons that make you awake late in the night. In today’s world you have social media. Most of you remain busy in chatting late night. Some of you watch various web-series and many more.
Scientific studies shows that you should stop using mobile before 1 hour of sleeping. The blue rays from electronic devices reduces the amount of melatonin ( hormone responsible for sleeping) in our body.
So go to bed early and don’t use your mobile 1 hour before sleeping. It helps you to take a good sleep and thus you can wake up early.

2. Make a task to do in morning.

Have you ever wondered that whenever you have necessary work in the morning then you get up early , without any assistance?   For example to catch early train or aeroplane. In such case you wake up even before your alarm rings. At that time you don’t even feel lazy.
Same technique you have to utilise here. When you will set  tasks to do early in the morning then you can’t escape from it. You mind will get a signal that it is important to wake up early. Thus  you will wake up on time.

3. Use technology smartly..

Your smartphone can help you to wake up early. You all know how? You can set alarm for yourself. But this
don’t work actually. Whenever your alarm rings then you mute it.
But when you utilise your mobile alarm wisely then you can get benefits. There are various alarm application that you can use.
 If you don’t want to download any application then you can simply keep your mobile away from you. It shouldn’t not be within the reach of your hand when you wake up. When your alarm will ring then you will have to wake up to mute your alarm. This will help you to wake early in the morning.

4. Make  your morning happy.

The work that gives you happiness you readily do that work. You don’t need any external force to do that.

So make your morning happy and special. You can enjoy the rising Sun
🌞  , lovely chirping of the birds and beautiful weather of the morning. This actually a very pleasant experience. So wake up early to enjoy it.

5. Reward yourself.

Some people loves to get rewards. So this you can apply to get up early in the morning. You can simply set a rule that when I will get up early then I
will reward myself with chocolate or any favourite thing that you like. In this way you will get up early in greed to get reward.

6. Maintain a good sleeping posture

It is very necessary to take a healthy sleep in night to get up early in the morning. For this it is very essential to maintain a right sleeping posture. You can search in the internet and you can find a perfect sleeping posture for you. It will not only help you to wake up early but it will also keep you healthy.

7. Sleep near a window with open curtains.

If you have a window in your room then you should place your bed there. In the night you should keep the window open. In the morning when cold breeze will flow and the sunlight of rising sun will fall on you then it will make you wake.
Try this tips in your life and  and tell me what difference it made in your life.
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