7 Childhood qualities that you should never lose as you grow

7 Childhood qualities that you should never lose as you grow


Childhood is the beginning of a life of a person. It is also called the first stage of human’s life. This provides us the foundation in which we put our first step  to shape ourselves. The day’s of childhood is  among the golden day’s of ones life.

Never let your inner child die within you as you grow up. Our childhood possess various qualities that can help us throughout our life. But most of you lose these childhood qualities as you grow up. So here are some of the childhood qualities that you should never lose as you grow up.

1. Curiosity

Children are most curious to know anything. They keep their mind always ready to learn new things. The world is completely unknown for a child. But a child learns all the things around him. The same quality we lose as we grow up. We start to become less curious. We start to lose our interest to learn new things.
A person should learn throughout its life. As you stop learning you also stop to grow. Learning new things helps you to fight from the unfamiliar situations in your Life.
There are several benefits of being curious. It helps you to become knowledgeable. It leads you to humility. Also it increases self awareness within you and develops empathy.

2. Fearless

Fearlessness is one of the unique quality of a child. You would have seen that a child even don’t fear to touch the flame of 🔥 fire. They even dare to touch the insects and there are several other things they do which we adults fear to do. 
We develop a lot of fear in our mind as we grow up. These fears stops us to make achievements in our life. Also it stops us from facing new challenges. The fear of failure is the biggest among you all. It stops you from achieving your goal. More disadvantages are:
  1. Decreases your efficiency.
  2. Harms your decision making ability.
  3.  Don’t allow you to follow your dreams.
  4.  Causes effect on your mental health.
So you should be always fearless in your life. Being fearless never harms you but it gives you a lots of benefits. Here are some of them:
  1. It helps you to become confident.
  2. . Makes you limitless in your life.
  3. Increases your risk taking ability.
So get ready to be fearless.

3. Happy.

A child remains happy most of the time. Each time you find them in a joyful mood. Smile on their face makes them more cute and lovely.
But as we grow up then we get trapped in the vicious circle of sadness and anxiety. We lose our childhood innocence and smile. But always remember that we should be happy in every situation of our life. Adverse and good situations are part of our life. So always keep yourself smiling. Being happy has a lots of benefits. Some of them are:
  1. Makes you healthier and increases your life expectancy.
  2. Increases your productivity.
  3. Helps you to get out of stress and anxiety.
  4. Enhances your decision making ability as it keeps you mind calm.
  5. Makes your life meaningful.
By keeping these things in mind start making yourself happy now.

4. Agility

Mostly  children are very agile and energetic. Their readiness to do anything makes them more special. Then don’t put these questions “Why” , “How”. They don’t procrastinate and put their work to tomorrow. As we grow up we lose this quality. We develop qualities of laziness and procrastination. In this way we try to run from our own work. This affects your own personal growth.
Being agile makes you efficient and helps you to complete any work fastly.

5. Reality

Children are very innocent. They are most real. They always represent themselves as they are and always speaks the truth. They are completely untouched with the virtuality. 


Nowadays virtuality is almost everywhere. In your smartphone and even in the life styles of most people. They always want to represent themselves higher than others. Most people remain busy in the virtual world of social media.
Let me make it more clear to you. In today’s world people mostly communicate with their relatives and friends through text messages. Even they use GIFs, images and other ways to wish for special occasions, functions or festivals.

6. Learn from failure and Don’t repeat the mistake

When a child touches a flame once then don’t repeat the same mistake to touch it again and there are many other mistakes that they once do then after taking lesson from it they don’t repeat that work again.
But as we grow up we continuously repeat the same mistake again and again in our life that harms our productivity. Some of the common mistake are overuse of social media, procrastination, wrong fooding habits, unhealthy lifestyle and much more. Each time we do the mistake and each time we regret and then repeat the same mistake again. So learn and take lesson from children. Again make yourself a child.

7. Optimistic

Children sets the best example of optimism. You must haven seen a child struggling to take its first step. Even after falling again and again the child gets up and try to walk again. This sets the best example that we should never lose hope. And finally the child succeeds in walking. Same is true when the child begins to speak. In the beginning the child utters a few unclear words, but later becomes a fluent speaker.
But as we grow up, when we once face failure then most of we lose the hope that we can do that work. Most of we don’t put continuous effort one any work once we get failure.
Always be optimistic in your life. In the beginning everything seems impossible and difficult but one’s continuous and honest effort can turn Evey impossible into possible.
So these are the childhood qualities that you should never lose as you grow. These qualities again make this statement true that ” Never let your inner child die within you”.

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