13th N D Grover felicitation award ceremony in D.A.V.


13th N D Grover felicitation award ceremony in D.A.V.




Arise, awake and Stop not till your goal is achieved – these were the words of Swami Vivekananda which are relevant for all those who wish to achieve new dimensions in their lives and to define success in some different words than common. Success for Mahatma N.D.Grover was not to earn name and fame but to devote his life in the service of mankind in such a way that every second becomes useful for someone. Mahatma N.D. Grover was a man of strong determination and firm will power. Inspired by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi he also led a simple life always thinking about the upliftment of the downtrodden and underprivileged people of the society. He remained a true Gandhian throughout his life making no compromise with the ideals of truth and sincerity towards and sincerity towards his duty. Apart from being a strict administrator he was a kind soul. He always believed that the facilities of education and health security should reach to one and all. The opening of Dayanand Netralaya at Khunti was the best example to prove that he was highly committed to the service to mankind. Even at the age of 80 he was extremely enthusiastic and energetic to do much more for the society. He was a man of strong character who always fought bravely for the prevalence of truth at any cost.We are not fortunate to see Mahatma Hansraj or Swami Dayanad Saraswati in person but few of us are lucky enough that with the grace of the almighty we had the privilege of working under the guardianship of Shri Grover. He is a true ideal for those who believe that Service to Mankind is service to God. He devoted his whole life for the betterment of the poor and needy. If someone needs to be given credit for the establishment of DAV in Central India he is none other than the saintly figure Mahatma N.D.Grover. Today if DAV institutions are flourishing in Bihar and Jharkhand it is because of the vision and hard labour of Narayan Das Grover.


He was a visionary educationist who at that time when only academic brilliance was considered the parameter of success for a student, promoted the development of creativity and logical aptitude among students.He boldly emphasised on the inculcation of soft skills like creativity & communication. It was his motivation which made us to organise the very first Quiz Show D.Q.Fest in 1995. Since then the students of the school have been taking part in many National Level Competitions and creating new records in Debates, Quizzes,Creativity Writing and many other literary activities. After going through the NEP 2020 I somehow believe that his dream of holistic development of students will now come true. I cannot forget all those precious moments when I had got the opportunity to interact with this immortal human and was enlightened with his presence. He was a true philosopher,guide, mentor and guardian for me.His honest approach and straight forwardness instilled a new motivation in me.He always gave true feedback without any biasness.His zeal of working 16-18hours a day have inspired me and many of my colleagues ,who have got the rare opportunity to work with him to work continuously.


It was his words of encouragement and appreciation which always remind me to do better with each passing day.Inspired by his selfless service to society I and my teachers have adopted Backward’s Girls School for last two years where we go and teach those students two hours per day after school and on Sundays as well without charging a single penny. You all will be happy to know that due to our guidance and their hard work, the school has done marvellously well in X Board Examination and have stood 1st among all Government Boarding Schools in Jharkhand. Our efforts were also appreciated by the then D.C. of Hazaribag Hon’ble Shri Ravi Shankar Shukla.


I personally think that it is really difficult sometimes to walk on the path shown by Shri.N.D.Grover, but once you start walking on his path of truth and devotion with full dedication there will be no turning back. It is not possible to imbibe 100 % of what Mahatma Grover taught and did in actual,but even if we take 25% of it ,that will also be worthy enough as a disciple.


To give true tribute to this saint our school has been organising Mahatma N.D.Grover Super Performer’s Felicitation Ceremony for last 12 years. This is the 13th year of our journey in which we appreciate and acknowledge the efforts made by our students AISSE, AISSCE, Engineering, Medical, performers at National Level etc. I am optimistic that Mahatma Grover will always be there in our hearts and will guide us whenever we will feel disappointed or low in life.


The whole family of DAV Public School, Hazaribag feels proud to have our alumna Ms Amba Prasad as the Chief Guest on this special occasion.

Further it gives me immense pleasure to have the kind consent of Hon’ble Dr. Mukul Narayan Deo, Vice Chancellor, VBU Hazaribag for his benign presence as the Presiding Guest.


Principal Message.

Ashok Kumar Sir.

Dav Hazaribag.

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